Elements that Set Apart a Progressive School from Traditional Types

Progressive schools take an active view of student participation, as opposed to the passive view commonly associated with traditional education. The overall emphasis is on creating lifelong learners, with parents who take a more active, positive role in their child’s education. The learning experience is also designed to help children feel more engaged.

Progressive versus Traditional Schools

The biggest difference between a progressive school and a traditional school is the emphasis on the learning process, the role of parents and the community, and the role of teachers. All of these factors play a role in the students’ outlook and overall progress. It is not uncommon for students in this setting to enjoy a strong sense of confidence that may results in personal and professional success.

Teachers As Guides

In progressive education, teachers are seen as guides, rather than strict authority figures. Instead of denying the importance of a teacher’s role, this approach recognizes a child’s need to learn problem-solving and critical thinking critical thinking skills that are better developed in a more relaxed setting. Children with well-developed critical thinking skills have better leadership potential.

Additional Non-Academic Focus

Academics are important, but progressive education also recognizes there are other factors in the learning experience that educators must acknowledge. Social interaction and play are important factors in how children learn, as well as hands-on learning. All of these allow students to maximize their potential.

School As a Part of Life

Traditional education methods often leave children dissatisfied with school, bored and unchallenged by the curriculum. with the curriculum. With a progressive educational approach, students treat school as a part of daily life that is something to look forward to, rather than the chore that it may often become. Many children who attend these schools are far happier than their peers in traditional schools.


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