Benefits of Your Child’s Private Education in Preparation for College

Did you know that a child who attends a private school is more likely to earn an advanced degree? This is thought to be because the teachers take a more hands-on approach, are better able to mold a child, and help them to conquer the toughest subjects. In private schools, their curriculum is designed not just to pass the grade, but more importantly, to be able to provide a solid foundation for tertiary education. This is why private school students turn out to be more college-ready then their peers when they do get to university.

Well Qualified Teachers

In a private school setting, the teachers are hand-picked according to their unique skills. A private school is very selective on whom they allow to get to work under the institution, and will have access to the children. It’s not just their reputation for academic excellence at stake, after all, but also the children’s safety. This is why each and every applicant for a teaching post undergoes strict scrutiny before they can even be considered for the job.

Diversity Is Encouraged

Diversity is important in any educational setting. In order to ensure that the children develop into well-rounded, compassionate individuals, they must be exposed early on to interacting with different kinds of people. The school serves to be a safe venue for them to learn about diversity, so that they can learn how to respect all, regardless of the differences they may have in culture and belief.

Classroom Sizes Allow One-On-One Teaching

In a private setting, such as in Waldorf School of Baltimore, the classes are much smaller, which allows the teacher to easily identify an issue with the student and spend more time developing that skill. Students don’t get lost in the shuffle, and they share a closer relationship with teachers and other students.


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